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For sale
Type Three World.  Here ya go.
For Type3 owners, please mail us your Type3 photos so we upload for your photos.

'69 Variant        Owner : Alex Diaz
His new project car is a this 69 SQBK. He try to convert to RHD AT .Now he is looking for the parts for RHD AT.Somebody has it please contact us.

'66 Variant        Owner : Anthony
His super clean and fast SQBK. Show qualty finish and goes fast is a Dream. 82x94
2276cc with pro street trans motor makes. 154hp/5000prm 165tourque/3000rpm

'65 Notchback        Owner : Noriyuki Yokoyama
愛知でType3 LifeをenjoyしているYokoyama family. 中部地区でType3 friendsを募集中!
中部地区のType 3 owners, Please contact us. Let's enjoy Type 3 life together.

'69 Notchback        Owner : Hiroshi Sakaguchi
大阪南部でRHD AT Notchの魅力に首までどっぷり浸かってType3 lifeをEnjoyしてます。

'66 Fasty        Owner : Chris Chandler
New baby is almost original condition and no rust. Black licence plate. Palm Springs CA.
Now he's looking for original good condition dash top.
. Somebody have it please contact us

'64 Speedster        Owner : Brian Fye
Notchback convert to speedster. 2332cc, 170hp by type 1 moter.
Blue tweed interior and 914 seat Ansen wheel . That's a cool style.

'64 Notchback        Owner : Brian Fye
His daily driver Notchback. Champaign purple metallic paint and four lug centerline in it.
Black/Grey custom interior work and engine is stock 1500cc single port.

'61 Notchback        Owner : Glenn Bornhoff
Made a German fire chief Notchback. Looks really cool !!! But body was super rusty so he
was cut out the body and keep chassis and accessory so he will thinking try to make new
one or completely restration. Because chassis number is WOW 0001867. super early !!

'69 Variant        Owner : Secret
Fuck!!!!!!! Customer got a accident. We sold only few month ago .
Perfect original paint, interiors and only 34900 original miles but had bended roof to pan.
Looks brand new car from Wolfsburg factory only few month ago but now was gone.

'72 Variant        Owner : Toshio Hayano
California styleでBeach sideをsurfing のおともにDaily driveに使いこなしているCalifornia Bear SQBK.. Beach sideの宿命、錆もartで雰囲気最高です。