1959 TYPE2 MANGO patina BUS

$ 32,800 or best offer

Up for sale is stunning and original German built Mango patina high hinge BUS. This bus is had very minimal rust and all factory metal faded. Obtained in original condition over 60 years and of course no major accident damages. We pup add on six side windows are pop out style with long spoon latch installed, now very cool breeze enters and it is comfortable. L346 Mango green/ L347 Seagull grey. For the interior, installed original style beige mohair headliner and will keep original door panels but mixed Mango and PGSG panels.

You have the choice of keeping the original or replacing it with a gorgeous original style new interior. Rubbers have all been replaced, so there is no need to replace them. Wheels and bumpers were painted L82 silver white and mounted radial tires. Door keys have been replaced with Wolfsburg west one-key systems, and a matching ignition switch is also inclosed but not install yet. The electrical system is 6 Volts, the engine is1200cc. Yellow California license plate comes with the bus of course.

Please contact Eddy to set up your personal meeting with this patina,
or if you have an questions. You will not be disappointed.

  • 1959 Year model
  • Made in Germany
  • Bench seat model
  • Left hand drive
  • 1200cc engine
  • 6 Volt electrical system
  • - Chassis;
  • Manual 4 speed transmission
  • Wide 5” 15 inch original bus Wheels
  • 6 pop out side windows

  • US model bumpers
  • Original paint patina
  • L346 Mango/ L347 Seagull grey
  • Original interior door panel
  • Mango/ PGSG mixed
  • Original seat cover Brown
  • New head liner
  • Mohair beige
  • Original floor rubbers
  • Original seat side mats
  • New rubber seal